• 2022 Camp Dates

    • July 4-6
    • July 6-8
    • July 8-10
    • July 10-12
    • July 14-16
    • July 16-18
    • July 18-20
    • July 20-22

2022 Camp Registration Information

In 2022, 8 different camps are available for churches to register.  Below are the dates:

July 4-6, 2022 (Mon-Wed)

July 6-8, 2022 (Wed-Fri)

July 8-10, 2022 (Fri-Sun)

July 10-12, 2022 (Sun-Tues)

July 14-16, 2022 (Thurs-Sat)

July 16-18, 2022 (Sat-Mon)

July 18-20, 2022 (Mon-Wed)

July 20-22, 2022 (Wed-Fri)

Registration for our 2022 Camps will open at 6 A.M. on Thursday, August 19th, 2021.Camps fill up VERY fast.  

ALL registrations will be done ONLINE via the www.m4camps.com website.  

A link for our online registration form will go LIVE at 6 A.M. central time on Thursday, August 19th.  

How do I register on that day?

–Click the link at m4camps.com that will go LIVE on that day at 6 A.M central.

–Fill out the online form for 2022 Camp registration.  

–Make sure you fill out ALL of the form.  

–Submit your form.  

–Please give an ACCURATE count of how many spots you are wanting to reserve.  This number will include kids AND chaperones.  We strongly discourage over-estimating your camp number. Dropping spots later on keeps other groups from being able to register that really want to be a part of camp.    

–There is a 10 spot minimum for churches to register. 

–Deposits for 2022 camps are not due until January 11th, 2022.  No deposits for 2022 camps can be carried over to 2023 camps.  ALL Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (to other spots or remaining balance).

–You will also choose 3 camp dates in order of your priority.  Registrations will be taken in the order they are received on the website. If your first choice is not available, we will place you in the next available camp that you requested in order of priority.  It is important to have your backup dates in place, due to demand.  Please understand that demand for camp spots are high, and we will do our very best.

–Someone from M4 Camps will call, email, or text you that day to verify the camp that you have spots reserved in.  

–Deposits for each spot are $70, which goes toward the final balance.  No deposits will be able to be carried forward to our 2023 camps.   

–How much is each spot?  $205 per participant.  Child or Adult Chaperone.

–Deposits are due January 11th, 2022.  Once deposits are paid, they are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE to other spots.  


–Ages for M4 Camps:  Those that have COMPLETED 1st Grade through completed 6thgraders.  Due to M4 Camps already allowing younger campers, there are NO exceptions to bringing those ENTERING 1st grade or below.  Also, there are no accomodations for younger children.  Please make arrangements for them while you are attending camp.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at m4camps@gmail.com or call 662-809-7502 before that day.  

God bless, 

Mark and Melanie Williams

Directors, M4 Camps

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